Excuse the mess! Under Construction!


Hello and Welcome! The Enchanted Tree has been online selling handmade goods since 1999. My very first website was located at homepages.go.com/~enchantedtree/1.html.  In 2000 i switched over to www.enchantedtree.com.

i’m in the process of merging my blogspot blog with this website, but really have no idea what i’m doing. Hopefully this site will slowly come together.



4 thoughts on “Excuse the mess! Under Construction!

  1. I am TRYING to make some Bendy Dolls for a preschool group. The instructions are perfect, but I’m not sure how many strands of the floss you are using. In one picture it looks like four strands of the white, and on the previous picture, it looks like just one. I have tons of embroidery floss and thread from my g’mother, and want to use it up. MW

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